Directors: George Cora, Xavier himself

Starring: Gopi Krishnan, George Cora, Namita Krishnamurti, Shanti Krishna

Tirik is the story of two brothers Thomas (George Cora) and Ismu, played by the star of TikTok Gopi Krishnan, who has Down syndrome. Gopi Krishnan is the rock star of the film. His performance is so sweet, real and without self-pity that he is a natural movie star. You also want to hug him with Thomas in the movie.

George Cora is a co-author Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela and also wrote and directed the short film The last day of summer. There was a definite voice in both films. One was for a mother with cancer, and the other was for the distance between father and son, both physically and emotionally. Both films deal with problems with ease. Instead of crying, you smile through a mist of tears. This is the voice of George Cora as he accepts emergencies and treats them in a refreshing way.

The exceptional situation in Tirik is that Thomas and Ismu remain orphans at a very young age; they were later separated into an orphanage. Ismu was adopted by a couple in love, Fatima (Shanti Krishna) and Rafik (Gopan Mangat). Thomas is left to grow up alone in the orphanage. This is another exceptional situation in the film: in another film Ismu will be addicted, but Ismu is well-adjusted in his new world and Thomas needs Ismu. Without the feeling of his brother, he has no one to call the family.

George Cora’s voice, clear from earlier films, is present all the time Tirik: a heavy object is treated with the greatest possible ease. But sometimes that doesn’t work as well as in his earlier films. I wish I had an understanding of the relationship between brothers, other than the fact that they are brothers. I wish I knew why Fatima was so hostile to Thomas. Of course, there is a psychological battle between them for Ismu, but it is not developed realistically.

And you don’t feel so much for Thomas, who is a sweet magician; you never take it seriously. You do not feel the psychological darkness in him. We never really feel his crisis of conscience when he does something unscrupulous with a woman; we can never really feel that the character lacks responsibility. So, the central character is too fluffy and light to take seriously the whole psychological basis.

When everything is treated lightly, it can hinder what the film is trying to achieve: to give a sense of connection between the brothers. But basically the film is about what Thomas’ problems are listed for. There is a great central act that happens when Thomas and Ismu take off together. We never see Thomas feel desperate as he does this. We only have the feeling that the brothers are going on an adventure with Enid Blyton. The film is well directed by Sam Xavier and George Cora and has some good scripts. And it’s hard to hate yourself Tirik – even if you have problems with it – because of how warm it is.



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