Starring: Anasuya Bhardwai, Anish Kuruvila, Viraj Ashvin

Director: Ramesh Raparti

thanks brother is a movie lock. thanks brother is also a drama for coming of age. This Aha movie immerses its characters in the middle of a pandemic, but the alarm bells are not ruled out. While some people wear masks under their noses, others do not wear them at all. Priya (Anasuya Bharadvaj) blames a young man (Abhi, played by Viraj Ashvin) for not wearing one in the elevator. And since this is only the opening scene, we know nothing about them. All we know is that Priya is pregnant and Abhi is completely arrogant.

From there, the film goes back to give us two separate stories about a middle-class woman and a narcissist. On the one hand, Priya is a widow who works day and night to keep her mother-in-law and herself fed, and on the other, Abhi and his friends have so much fun in a pub that their bill flows up Rs. 80,000. This is the kind of money you spend overnight. Maybe it would take Priya a few months to see that kind of money. And here it becomes interesting.

Priya and Abhi belong to different classes. Under normal circumstances, they would not be seen together. It would be hard to think that Priya would befriend a man who thinks making money is like making Maggie’s noodles. It takes more than two minutes, right? In scenes that arrive later, you can catch him blissfully joining a company, as if rolling out a red carpet and telling the employer that he is the right person to save the company. His audacity certainly knows no bounds.

Abhi is so far removed from reality that he has no idea of ​​the tedious steps he has to take to apply for a job. He is also unaware of the toxic link between the pandemic and the economy. Why does he even have to find a job? Oh, it’s simple – his mother tells him to be responsible. She is somewhat ashamed of the choice he makes. The dynamics of a parent-son remain touchingly real until it falls into the trap of melodrama. Once he begins to compare his frustration with his labor pains, thanks brother metamorphoses in soap opera.

When Priya and Abhi finally find themselves in the elevator of a tall apartment, the latter becomes a man of the hour. The elevator is stuck between two floors and can neither go up nor down. This is a perfect setting for a horror movie, but you have to keep in mind that this is a sentimental movie.

Abhi suddenly becomes a superhero and tells Priya to calm down without offering her comfort or warmth. Can anyone come up with the perfect combination of words and gestures to make a person feel safe in a crisis? We are all afraid of the dark and deal with it differently. Priya yells as she is shocked and Abhi tries to see if they can crawl out alive from the mess.

If thanks brother was a typical masala movie, Abhi would naturally be the son of the villain – he is a serial adulterer who is not interested in the people he hurts. But in the elevator, he is as vulnerable as she is. He wants to take the main road, but does not know if he is ready for the task. It only takes one accident to change his life. These parts aim to gradually change his worldview. This is a moral and philosophical lesson for him. Unfortunately, there is not enough mess for the screen.

A boy from the apartment, who understands that Priya and Abhi are fighting, comes up with a brilliant idea – he broadcasts their shouts live, which the TV news channels immediately raise. But even then no help comes to them. People pray to gods from within their own homes. This is ultimately not WhatsApp that they watch on TV. Why is everyone happy with the spread of sympathy on the lips themselves?

And then, which feels like an excruciating amount of time (and agony), Abhi gets patted on the back in the climate segment. We can certainly agree that he did a great job with a risky situation, but why does director Ramesh Raparti make the other characters willing to forgive Abby’s sins? Is one an act of kindness the bar for men like him? Isn’t it too low? Oh yeah, movies can end up with an upbeat note, but that’s just a scratch sticker. What is the cure for unhealed wounds?



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