In the new show Discovery + food / lifestyle, Star vs. Food, each episode involves a star who cooks under the supervision of an established chef. In the first episode, Karina Kapoor visits The Lovefools, a fine restaurant in Palli Hill, Bandra. It is led by chef Sarita Pereira in the preparation of a gourmet pizza stuffed with a truffle burt (I doubt it can become more beautiful than this – bura is a special kind of cheese). The second episode features Karan Johar (“I’m Ubiquitous,” he says) trying to make a Japanese dish at Mizu Izakaya in Khar. It is led by chef Lakhan Jethani.

The lifestyle show – any reality TV, in this respect – is built on a certain unreality, in which ordinary everyday activities (cooking, eating, dining out) should look dramatic and interesting. Nobody wants to watch a quiet chef do his job and these stars know that, so they cheerfully send off. It’s glamorous and pointless, but there’s something wickedly fun about watching the rich and famous, usually as balanced and precise, go to pieces, doing something as basic as cooking. Of course, in the two episodes released so far, the stars take luxury meals. Maybe Kapoor can do well dal-chaavalbut Johar freely admits that he has never been to the kitchen. The first thing Chef Lacon cooks is to chop an onion and he wants a demonstration first. The chefs are infinitely kind: Chef Sarita praises how practical Kapoor is when he enters the next room to pick up a scale.

Both Johar and Kapoor are better stars than anything else: they know how to have fun when a hat falls. Kapoor sometimes throws great self-congratulatory remarks like: “Today, on Star vs. Food, I present to you my favorite diva in the world … obviously me. Johar worries that the steam from the pot will ruin himkhoobsoorat chehra“.

The episodes are structured in the same way: the star introduces himself to the chef, they chat, then they end up cooking the dish (the star makes jokes, the chef laughs condescendingly, the food is obtained in some way). Then the star’s friends arrive, exclaim for food, play a pointless game and the episode ends. The food, as expected, was shot with love – I couldn’t do it without getting up and twisting in my own (definitely more unusual) kitchen.

Upcoming episodes in Star vs. Food played by Arjun Kapoor, Malayka Arora and – most interestingly – Pratik Gandhi. The show airs on Discovery +.



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