Shadow and bone, an eight-episode fantasy series on Netflix, is based on young adult Leigh Bardugo Grishavers novels. Before it comes out on April 23, here’s everything you need to know about it:

What are you talking about?

Set in the fictional realm of Revka (based in Imperial Russia), the series follows Alina Starkov (Jesse May Lee), a mapping teenager who has the power to summon light, leading her to be called the “summoning sun.” Alina is taken to train with Grisha, an army of people blessed with the ability to bend elements according to their will (similar to Avatar bends). There are those who can control wind, fire, water and even life. Grisha is led by General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), who calls into the shadows and can manipulate the darkness.

What makes Alina special?

Revka is separated from the Folded, a large area of ​​impenetrable darkness, containing winged creatures that attack anyone who enters. This hindered trade between the different parts of the kingdom. Alina, with her ability to summon light, is perhaps the only person who can dispel this darkness.

How is the show different from the books?

Bardugo, an Israeli-American writer, wrote the first Grishavers The book, Shadow and bone, in 2012. This was followed by two more from Grisha trilogy. The extended universe includes two Six of the crows books and two King of scars books (more likely to follow).

The series is based on the original trilogy as well Six of the crows books. Although the two are very different, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Eric Heiser and Bardugo have come up with a way to combine both stories. You can also expect the show to be much more diverse than the books – Bardugo said that while her first book echoes the fantasies of the “white chosen”, she grew up reading, casting actors from different ethnic groups became a priority for the show.



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