Get your DIY kit and get ready to welcome the new season of Imagine That in a brand new avatar with brand new hosts on April 18th. After an extremely successful first season, Disney Channel announced the second season of its show Imagine That, which will host actor Vishal Malhotra, and will also introduce the audience to a new DIY artist – Simran Kumar Puri. Redefining the importance and joy of upcycling by using the power of creativity and imagination, the second season will continue to encourage children to think beyond the ordinary and be imaginative through an entirely new format.

Committed to entertaining fans with content that can stimulate their creative minds, the new season will feature a new interactive kit; various topics of the DIY craft, which will suggest the importance of ascending cycling and the usefulness of children. From Megatastic art installations made from recycled materials, to two-minute challenges for arts and crafts and a magical mysterious box that will appear in each episode, the second season promises a whole bunch of fresh and reworked art; reaching children in a healthy, fulfilling way.

Vishal Malhotra returns to Disney Channel to host the second season of Imagine That 2

The show will witness the return of one of Disney’s most popular talents – actor Vishal Malhotra as host of Imagine That; while introducing the children to a new DIY artist, Simran Kumar Puri, who will bring in his impeccable artistic and DIY expert skills; focused on recycling and utility. Through their camaraderie, humor and wit; the duo will bring a lot of fun, energy and liveliness to the show while making processed pets a part of their daily routine. In addition, this season will provide an opportunity for DIY experts from all over India to showcase their talent on the show as supermakers.

Vishal Malhotra returns to Disney Channel to host the second season of Imagine That 2

“Disney is my second home. I’ve worked on some of the most memorable moments with Disney and it’s exciting to be back with the second season of Imagine That after a very successful first season. “I’m becoming a friend of a new generation of fans again, while Simran and I take our viewers into a whole new world of DIY with a fresh format and inspire them to develop their creativity,” said Vishal Malhotra.

“Art has always been very close to my heart since I was a child, and it’s a dream come true for me to bring that passion and join the Disney Channel family. I’m glad to have a successful platform like Imagine That to create and share something I love in a much more meaningful way, with so many kids. As an added bonus, I’m starting to work with Vishal, who in his own signature style helps me and our viewers have more fun on the show. “I’m really excited to present to our viewers both simple and easy to do, do-it-yourself, as well as complex, and I hope to inspire them to have the best imagination,” said Simran Kumar Puri.

Imagine that 2 will premiere on the Disney Channel in India at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 18, 2021.


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