After the thunderous success of WandaVision, which launches the big series of MCU avengers for streaming, Marvel is ready for its next big release with The falcon and the winter soldier.

such as WandaVision, This series traces the lives of key Marvel characters after the events of The Avengers: The ultimate game (2019). Positioned as a cop-friend action, The falcon and the winter soldier followed by Bucky (Sebastian Stan) and Sam (Anthony Mackie) as they try to adjust to a world without Captain America as they struggle with the weight of their legacy and the big question of who can take the mantle.

Before the show’s release later this week at Disney + Hotstar Premium, we spoke with stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie about what to expect from the series and raising the bar for action at MCU.

Edited excerpts:

One of the biggest things about MCU is the massive interconnected universe with so many great characters, but the downside is that you can’t spend much time with them because they balance so many character arcs. So, was one of the best things about this serial format that you had to spend a lot more time with Sam and Bucky?

Anthony Mackie: Yes, I mean, it was great to go into our story to try to understand exactly that our characters are ticked off. I think Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) gave us background and origins for Bucky, but my character never had that. So being able to spend more time with the character really helps you connect with him and get to know them. It was the best thing he had to have.

Sebastian Stan: Yes, we had 6 hours here to really experience these characters. We didn’t get these scenes in a movie for two and a half hours. Here you are sure of the action, but now you have a day in the life of these boys.

The action on these projects is pretty crazy, especially for you, Anthony, when you fly like a Falcon. Are these scenes as fun to shoot as they are to watch, or is it too much to hang on to and wait around?

Anthony Mackie: The action is a lot of fun. And we used the same stunt team in all the movies and these guys are our friends now. They know our strengths and weaknesses. So, I feel that in this show, rather than in any other project, the choreography of the battles has been delivered to us, so you can really see aggressive stunt work and have fun with it.

Sebastian Stan: I think the tonal series has the same effect as the movies, especially The Winter Soldier and Civil War (2016). This more ruthless hand-to-hand fight, which is more justified. But we were lucky to have the same team over and over again, which helps us try to keep pushing it harder and harder.

The world is going through a strange time right now. How do you think Sam and Bucky would be if they were quarantined together?

Sebastian Stan: Someone wouldn’t succeed (laughs). Either that, or I think they would put a dog together.

Anthony Mackie: They would definitely get a dog. You know this show Two and a Half Men? That would be us.

Sebastian Stan: Yes, two and a half men and a dog.



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