TENET is the story of a secret agent who fights for the survival of the whole world from an incredible threat. An unnamed CIA agent, the “protagonist” (John David Washington) assumes the identities of SWAT soldiers and participates in an undercover operation with his teammates.

TENET is the story of a secret agent who fights for the survival of the whole world from an incredible threat. An unnamed CIA agent, the “protagonist” (John David Washington) assumes the identity of SWAT soldiers and, along with his teammates, participates in an undercover operation at an opera house in Kiev, Ukraine. The main character’s mission is to save a target and acquire an unknown package. Unfortunately, the mission fails for him and he is captured. He was tortured and forced to reveal his identity and organization. However, the protagonist chooses to die while consuming a cyanide pill. Fortunately, he did not lose his life. It is revealed that the mission was fake and was conducted to test his loyalty. After passing the test, he was hired by a secret organization called Tenet. He was taken to a research facility, where Laura (Clémence Poésy) informed him that they had encountered several objects whose entropy had been inverted and were moving back in time. The protagonist is obviously confused and she explains the concept to him, making him shoot with inverted bullets. The protagonist is surprised that instead of hitting the target, the inverted bullets jump out of the target and move back to enter the gun. She also informed him that these objects were from the future and that this phenomenon could threaten their present as well as their past. To get more information about these bullets, the main character reaches Mumbai. Here he enlisted the help of local contact Neil (Robert Pattinson) to attract an audience to Sanjay Singh (Denzil Smith), an arms dealer. Neil says that will not be possible and that they will have to break into his mansion. The protagonist agrees and the two secretly enter his house and capture Sanjay. However, it turns out that Sanjay is just the front and that his wife Priya Singh (Dimple Kapadia) is the one who called the shots. She tells the protagonist that her ammunition was purchased and probably turned over by Russian oligarch Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh). The protagonist then goes to London to meet Sir Michael Crosby (Michael Kane), who advises him that he should contact Andrei Kat’s wife (Elizabeth Debichki) and through her he can establish contact with the oligarch. Kat is an art appraiser who recently sold a fake painting of Goya to her husband. The main character decides to follow the same route. He approaches her with another fake Goya, hoping that she will use him to introduce him to Andrei. However, she reveals to him that after selling the fake painting to Andrei, he understood the truth and used it to blackmail and control it. The protagonist then decides to steal the painting she sold him from the place where it is stored – Freeport at the airport in Oslo, Norway. With the help of pilot Mahir (Himesh Patel), they cause a plane to crash into the facility in Freeport and look like a case of unknown robbers trying to rob gold bars from the plane. The protagonist and Neil use this attack as an opportunity to break into the facility to steal the forged picture. As they enter the facility and get to work, they are suddenly attacked by two mysterious SWAT members who come out of a strange revolving door. What’s more, one of them is inverted and moving back in time! What happens next forms the rest of the film.




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