Get ready to see #FilterFree Parineeti Chopra on all digital screens as a science-based skincare brand, Derma Co. presents the leading lady as the official face of the brand in India. Derma Co. has a philosophy of living without filters and believes in treating skin problems from within to reveal the true-beautiful self. Parineeti Chopra joins the brand to spread the message to young people and encourage them to embrace their skin #FilterFree. With this philosophy, the brand is releasing its first digital film of its kind starring Parinetti, which will be released live today.

Known for its true, valiant, natural and authentic approach to beauty, Parineeti illustrates the philosophy of Derma Co. to inspire, empower and deliver happiness to women by celebrating natural beauty through great skin.

“When I was introduced to the Derma Co. concept, I liked the idea of ​​how they deal with skin problems from the inside out and embrace someone’s #FilterFree skin. I am glad that I could partner with the brand of this trip to make people feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. “says Parinetti.

“Parinetti has always been sought after as a differentiator. She is dynamic, young, strong and real, which makes her fit seamlessly into the #FilterFree brand ideology itself. She is the perfect expression for someone who is constantly evolving along with her skin care needs. We are convinced that it will be able to defend the brand’s philosophy of urging people to stop hiding skin problems behind makeup and cure them from within. We are pleased that she is part of our growing family and we are confident that she will inspire millennial users to go to #FilterFree with Derma Co. Says Gazal Allah, co-founder and CIO, Honasa Consumer Pvt. Ltd.

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