While Pope Woodith Narayan worries about his son, Aditya Narayan would like to reassure his father that he is doing well after being diagnosed as Covid positive. “I am physically weak, but I am doing well. You don’t have to worry, “Aditya sent me a message when I asked about his health.

Aditya says: “I was hospitalized for a few days. Parts of my body were in excruciating pain and I was in tears the first night. I thought I was wrong in the gym. I didn’t suspect Covid, as only the lower right half was initially suffering, which was no longer in good shape due to last month’s calf tear. I also missed a week of filming for Indian Idol. “

He further admitted that he felt this was coming for a while. “It’s quite complicated. But apparently the Covid virus has been in my system for some time. It took a while to show up in the tests. I am told that sometimes the virus takes time to show up in tests. The only security for this virus is that there is no security. “

Unfortunately, Aditya’s newlywed wife, Shveta, also has the virus.

When I ask her about her, Aditya says, “She feels the same way I do. The virus struck her 4-5 days after me. But yes, she definitely got it through me. I take the blame. “

While Aditya’s father worries about his health, Aditya worries about his father. “He has not yet been vaccinated. I hope he agrees to be vaccinated soon. I worry about my parents and even more about my grandmother. This new wave of the Crown is far more frightening than the first wave. “

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