On Friday, March 26, a comic-tragic film, Dirty, launched Netflix and it was greeted with mostly positive reviews. Starring Sanya Malhotra along with Shruti Sharma, Sayani Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Ashutos Rana, Shibha Chada, Jameel Khan, Rajesh Taylang, Chetan Sharma, Aasif Khan, Sharib Hashmi, Megna Malik and others, this is a girl who loses her. spouse within five months of marriage. While the film was being rated, some viewers pointed to its strange resemblance to Ramprasad Ki Tehri. Directed by actor Siema Pahwa, he told a similar story about a sudden death that led to family reunion and a lot of chaos and madness. This ensemble film features Naseerudin Shah, Supriah Patak, Concona Saint-Sharma, Parambrata Chatterjee, Vikrant Masi, Vinay Patak, Manoi Pahva, Ninad Kamat, Sadia Sidiku, Divia Jagdal, Deepika Amin, Brindra Kala and Rajendra Gupta. It came out theatrically on January 1, 2021 and had its premiere at the 21st Mumbai Jio MAMI Film Festival in October 2019, a month before Dirty went to the floors.

A source close to Ramprasad Ki Tehrithe team told us that there is a lot of anger in the team after watching Sanya Malhotra’s star. The source said: “The actors and other members of the team were quite upset and angry when they saw Dirty. They couldn’t believe that the film was so similar in so many ways Ramprasad Ki Tehri. From location to character traits to even camera angles, so many things seem copied, they claim. “

When you connect, Ramprasad Ki TehriThe director of Siema Pahva made it clear that there were no insults or complaints. She told this writer: “Just actors ka naraaz hona jaayaz hai. Team members are a little concerned about this development. However, ours was an original film as well Dirty. I wouldn’t say they copied our movie. I guess it must be a coincidence. However, some things were under their control. They were aware Ramprasad Ki Tehri and yet they ignored the similarities. They could fix the script a little. They had the time and the opportunity. They even shot their film in the same house where we shot Ramprasad Ki Tehri!! “

Asked if she had seen it Dirty, Seema Pahwa said, “I haven’t seen him yet, but I have a lot of calls from friends and members of the unit, and their biggest point is that even the shooting range is the same. I’m sure because of the similarities, even they (Dirty manufacturers) must be having a hard time. “

By the way, today, ie. March 31, Ramprasad Ki Tehri is ready to release digitally, this also on Netflix.

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