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3 staff members of the Deol household test positive, Dharmendra tests negative for COVID-19 : Bollywood News – Moviebuster.in


The number of cases in Mumbai for COVID-19 is growing by the minute. With the condition reminding us of the early days of the 2020 lock, it seems that we are only a few more cases away from another heavy lock. Almost every day, industry members are reported to be positive for COVID-19, and now, according to reports, 3 employees from Deol’s household have also taken tests. Needless to say, Darmendra was in a hurry to take a test for the same.

According to the sources, Darmendra takes care of the positive staff members of COVID-19 and completely isolates them from the rest of the family. He takes very good care of them. The actor later revealed that he had tested negative for COVID-19 and said God was kind to him. Just like the others, the veteran actor is worried about the second wave of COVID-19 and said that things are definitely crazy.

Darmendra also said that things must be controlled quickly, otherwise the issue could get out of hand. Against the background of daily reports of people with a positive test for COVID-19, Dharmendra tested negative, leaving us relieved.

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